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Selling Your Alpaca in The Alpaca Gallery®

Do you have world-class alpaca herdsires for sale or for stud service? Do you have breeding females that are premier alpaca foundation stock? Where can I find those super personality pet alpacas that are huggable, loveable, and fun?

Our clients looking for alpacas keep asking these questions. If you have the type of alpacas that meet the questions asked above, then we are interested in accepting your alpacas for consignment to The Alpaca Gallery®. Selling your alpaca on The Alpaca Gallery® is an easy and exciting way to find qualified buyers for your superior alpacas. The Alpaca Gallery® is a showcase of some of the world's premier alpacas and any alpaca accepted for consignment must carry on that tradition of excellence. The Alpaca Gallery® includes: The Herdsire Gallery™, The Female Breeders' Gallery™, and The Pet Gallery™.

The Herdsire Gallery™
Do you believe you have outstanding, superior proven herdsires or junior herdsires for stud service or for sale? If so, apply here! All alpacas consigned to The Herdsire Gallery™ must meet the highest standards of quality set by both Seller and®. The alpaca must be physically sound and conformationally correct, with correct bite and straight legs. The fiber should be outstanding in both texture and density.

The Female Breeders' Gallery™
Do you have excellent foundation breeding females or maidens for sale? If so, please submit your consignment form and show your females off to the world. All alpacas listed in The Breeders'Gallery must meet the highest standards of quality set by both Seller and®. The alpaca must be physically sound and conformationally correct, with correct bite and straight legs. The fiber should be outstanding in both texture and coverage.

The Pet Gallery™
All alpacas consigned to our Pet Gallery™ must be physically sound and have the following traits that clients ask most about: Huggable, Loveable, Cute, and Sweet. Clients also would like to have pet alpacas that have soft fleece so they can spin beautiful alpaca clothes. These pet alpacas are not breeding quality and are most typically males who do not fit the rigid standards of herdsire. If you have pet quality alpacas that fit this description and are unique in personality and charismatic with humans, then consign them to The Pet Gallery™ for the world to see these ambassadors of the alpaca world.

For all alpacas, Sellers are expected to warranty their alpacas to meet industry standards and work cooperatively with the Buyer following the sale on such issues as registration, shipment, medical records, etc. This is another important way that® endeavors to insure the satisfaction of both parties and our own continued goodwill in the greater alpaca community.

All alpacas listed in The Alpaca Gallery® have been consigned to® by the Seller, who has agreed to pay® a commission for managing the sale and has signed the necessary agreements to support that arrangement.

In order for an alpaca to be accepted into The Alpaca Gallery®, the Seller and® must agree on the above conditions. If it is determined that the proposed alpaca does not fit within the context of The Alpaca Gallery®, the® consultant will discuss other sales vehicles available to the Seller such as our Farm, Ranch, and Breeder Directory.

If you are interested in consigning your alpaca(s) to The Gallery, please follow these simple steps. We look forward to hearing from you!


STEP 1: Fill out the Consignment Inquiry Form for the alpaca(s) you are interested in consigning.

STEP 2: Send the Consignment Inquiry Form to®, L.L.C.
E-mail to:® or fax to: 734-996-8266.
For questions, call toll free: 1 866 257 2227

For first class mail:® L.L.C.
3888 W. North Territorial Road
Whitmore Lake, Michigan 48189

STEP 3: An® consultant will contact you concerning your submitted Consignment Inquiry Form.

STEP 4: If both parties agree that consignment should be made, you will be given the necessary forms to complete and sign in order to activate your listing. These will include:

  1. Consignment Declaration Form
  2. Seller's Agreement
  3. Warranty-Guarantee Form
  4. Veterinarian Statement
  5. Documentation Report of Championships, Blue-ribbons, etc. for breeders and herdsires. For pet quality alpacas, a description of any unique personality traits that would attest to their loveability level will suffice.

STEP 5: Upon receipt of these completed and signed forms, along with at least three (3) scanner quality photographs of each animal,® L.L.C. will enter your alpaca(s)
in either the Herdsire Gallery™, The Breeders' Gallery™, or The Pet Gallery™ as well as The Alpaca Gallery® Showcase.


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