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The Alpaca: Alpaca Types

By Linda K. Davis, Owner, L.L.C.

The Huacaya (wa-ki-á) is the "teddy bear" alpaca, whose full coat presents a round and wooly appearance. The huacaya fleece is crimped, very dense, and covers all 22 colors recognized by AOBA. Huacayas account for approximately 90 percent of the alpacas registered in the United States.

The Suri (sir-ë) is the alpaca with dreadlocks. In full coat, these long, non-crimped, lustrous "pencils" hand downward, creating a layered and majestic appearance. Suris are very rare in the world, with only approximately 2000 registered in the United States. These small numbers combined with the extraordinary luster of suri fiber make this fleece more sought after and expensive.

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