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How To Bid

STEP 1: Click on Enter the Auction and enjoy previewing the alpacas and/or items in the auction. Click on the alpaca for detailed information, and see enlarged pictures or perhaps a video/audio clip as well.

STEP 2: Register and sign up with ID and Password. It is that easy! You will then receive email messages concerning updates and an® consultant will contact you if you so request.

STEP 3: Understand completely what you are bidding on. If you have questions, click® or call 1-866 - ALPACAS (257-2227) and a consultant will assist you.

STEP 4: Remember that the® Online Auction is a minimum bid with reserve sale. The reserve price denotes the absolute minimum price the Seller is willing to accept above the minimum bid to insure that he does not undersell his alpaca.

STEP 5: Once you are a registered user, you are ready to select the alpaca or item you are interested in buying. On the alpaca description page is a link titled PLACE BID. This link will take you to the PLACE YOUR BID page.

STEP 6: On the PLACE YOUR BID page, you must select your method of bidding: Manual or PacaBid® (automatic proxy). Simply click the Manual checkbox or the PacaBid® checkbox on the PLACE YOUR BID page. If you choose the PacaBid® option, please determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the alpaca you wish to purchase. Your PacaBid® will then automatically bid for you to the pre-set maximum that you have indicated. Note that your bid will be recorded but not considered competitive until your registration has been approved by the® Online Auction. This means that your bid will not take effect online prior to or during the auction unless you have been approved by® Online Auction for bidding. (For a full description of PacaBid®, see the Question and Answer Section below.) This approval is instant following receipt of your credit card information and verification of your identity. No charge will be billed to your credit card for this verification process.

STEP 7: Enter your numerical bid in either the Manual Bid box or the PacaBid® box. Then, place your bid by clicking the Manual checkbox or the PacaBid® checkbox. This is like raising your bidder paddle on the floor of the auction as the auctioneer calls the bid. If you are the leading bidder, your user name will be displayed on the alpaca's description page and the PLACE YOUR BID page. All bids are to be in U.S. dollars. The initial bid on an alpaca must be equal to or greater than the minimum bid. $500 is the minimum incremental bid acceptable on all lots in the auction.

Please make sure that you are entering the correct price you wish to pay in your bid and that you have selected either Manual or PacaBid® for the alpaca or item you are bidding on. Remember that once your bid is accepted by® Online Auction, it cannot be reduced or cancelled.

QUESTIONS: What is PacaBid® or proxy bidding? Each time you enter a bid, PacaBid®, your automatic proxy, goes to work for you. PacaBid® lets you set an upper bidding limit (this is your maximum bid) while keeping your actual bids as low as possible. Your maximum bid is private; we do not disclose this to anyone.
If another party beats your initial bid, PacaBid® raises your bid by one single increment ($500.00) more than the challenging bid. This pattern continues until another bidder exceeds your maximum bid or you win the auction.

** IMPORTANT: If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, meeting or exceeding the applicable minimum bid and reserve price, you are obligated to complete the sale with® Online Auction and the Seller.
By bidding on an item, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the auction, the description of the item (as listed or linked to the description), so long as those conditions of sale are not in violation of the® Online Auction User Agreement or unlawful. Please remember that bids are not retractable once accepted!

STEP 8: You will be notified by email and a personal phone call by® Online Auction that you are the high bidder and purchaser of your desired alpaca. A Buyer's Agreement specifying the conditions of sale will be faxed or express mailed to you immediately. Your personal® consultant will work with you as we arrange transportation, paying, insurance, and all necessary paperwork.

**See "Buying Your Alpaca" for further information on the complete buying transaction and process.® AUCTION QUESTIONS:

1. How do I bid? To enter a bid, select the alpaca or item you are interested in buying. Click the link titled PLACE BID. This link will take you to the PLACE YOUR BID page. There you will select your method of bidding and place your actual bid.

2. Why wouldn't I want to bid the minimum amount instead of placing my PacaBid® for a maximum amount?®'s PacaBid® feature allows users to enter a higher maximum bid. If no one else bids after you, you will receive the alpaca or item for the minimum bid required. However, if someone bids after you, the PacaBid® will automatically work for you and increase your bid by the next incremental amount. This allows the user to impose a preset limit and have the computer take care of bidding up to that amount.

3. When I entered my new minimum, I was outbid automatically. What happened? You were most probably out-bid by another bidder's PacaBid®.

4. How will I be contacted as to the status of the bid on the alpaca I am interested in? You will be notified by email if your manual bid or PacaBid® price has been exceeded.

5. If I win, what happens next? Congratulations!! You will be contacted by your® consultant to arrange transportation, payment, and necessary paperwork. We try to make this fun and easy for the buyer so sit back, relax, and have fun using our auction. You have just purchased the rare and treasured alpaca. Remember, you may always call® and talk to your personal consultant at any time throughout the auction by contacting® or by calling 1-866-ALPACAS (257-2227).
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